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Many companies have started developing or integrating generative AI into their products and services. Users love using generative AI for various tasks, such as creating professional-looking images that suit their LinkedIn profiles. It uses advanced AI technology to create personalized and professional headshot photos from input, and there are ways to explore its versatile features that provide complimentary credits to new account registrants.

This gives you professional-looking images for your LinkedIn profile, according to your preferences. You can use AI-generated images for professional platforms, personal websites, or other places. Today, in this article, we will share a guide on how to use the AI Headshot Generator for LinkedIn.

AI Headshot Professional

As you already know, many AI image generators are available that allow you to create professional and realistic HD AI headshots and profile pictures using AI headshot generators.

  • It allows you to quickly transform images into professional-looking portraits, which is helpful for personalizing your online presence and adding a creative touch to your digital profile. You don’t need multiple images; just one clear image.
  • You can use it for your team’s profile. Advanced algorithms analyze facial features, ensuring consistency and professionalism across AI headshot images.
  • Use AI Headshot to get a formal, casual, or artistic look through your images.
  • This is also quite useful for social media. It helps create personalized and striking profile headshots.

This is significantly different from the AI image generator. The AI Headshot Generator is specially designed for generating unique AI avatars through text descriptions, enabling you to generate AI faces and realistic headshots for any occasion quickly.

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The Best AI Headshot Generator for LinkedIn

To use AI for creating professional workspace photos, here are some of the best AI headshot generators.

  • Headshot Pro: You can use it to generate AI headshots for individuals and teams. The price starts at $29.
  • Aragon AI does a reasonably good job of focusing on creating a custom AI face model based on the image provided.
  • HotPot AI: This is one of the most affordable AI headshot generators. It has a simple UI.
  • Secta AI: You have over 25 images to create output, with almost 300+ images to choose from with various clothes and scenery. It requires 25 images to create output.
  • ProPhotos AI: You can generate shots of almost all types, including candid photos, casual selfies, and even Instagram-level shots. It requires a minimum input of 10 photos to begin processing AI shots.
  • InstaSize: This is another important AI headshot generator available as a mobile app for generating images on Android and iOS.
  • AirBrush: You can generate AI headshots within minutes. It aims to generate corporate-style headshots, allowing users to customize the headshot with a wide range of backgrounds and clothing.
  • PFP MakerAI: The functionality is quite similar to AI headshot generators. There is more liberty with the files, offering professional headshots that users can opt for in creative categories, too.
  • Fotor AI Headshot Generator: Fotor has also launched an AI headshot generator, which gives access to 5 free credits for AI headshots.

These generators use AI to change appearance, such as using an old-age filter to help clever AI tech merge your real face onto a model wearing office wear, creating a perfect headshot of yourself.

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How to Use the AI LinkedIn Headshot Generator

If you want to generate AI headshots for your LinkedIn profile photos, you can use this app that recently went viral on TikTok.

  • Download the Remini app on your mobile device, available on both iOS and Android.
  • Open the app and tap “Get Started.” It will ask you to subscribe to a package for $10 per week, but there is also a free three-day trial that you can use.
  • Tap on the AI Photos button at the bottom of the main screen, then choose “Generate My Photos.”
  • Grant permission to access your photo library and choose 8 to 12 photos. Make sure your face is clear in those photos and that they have good lighting and angles. While uploading, ensure the images are of high quality, but also use the app to enhance and restore old or low-quality photos.
  • Wait for the app to generate your image. The real-time update may take some time, so keep notifications enabled to get updates.
  • When the app generates images, you will have six different variants. Save your preferred version.

That’s it!

The AI-powered app Remini, which recently went viral on TikTok, allows users to transform normal-looking selfies into polished headshots. The video posted on TikTok received over 40 million impressions, with most of the AI headshots generated by the Remini app.

You can try other alternatives, such as Try it on AI, Canva, and AI Suit Up, which offer similar functionality. However, you have to remember to prioritize authenticity over ultra-glamorous shots. It does help boost your LinkedIn headshot. Another great option is Canva’s new AI-powered Magic Edit, which allows users to leverage AI to edit headshots and adjust settings for LinkedIn.

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